As can be books

She yelled, “Bittieblue!”
In all haste, Bigblue Penguin dashed for it!
The muddled Bittieblue Penguin whirled around and sank into Bigblue Penguin’s arms…

We invite you to turn the pages of this delightful story-one you will cherish for years to come.), AS COLORFUL AS CAN BE(Oh, all the pleasures and wonders of the Florid Meadow!
Oh, the many dreams dreamed of all the beauties that awaited them!
Oh, the joys imagined!

Oh, the untold glimmer and shimmer of the sparkling waterfall!
Oh, the medley of butterflies and glowing fields of marigolds!

It’s time to journey with us into this awe-inspiring,
endless world of colors.
~ PM Woode)
, AS SPECIAL AS CAN BE ( You’ll love this endearing story. Each page is filled with thoughtful, elegantly woven words culminating in a refreshing moment of truth. Your kids will cherish it as a bedtime favorite for years to come.)